Who are the Muslims and What is Islam? Part 1

An opportunity to learn about Muslims in 30 minutes

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My name is Shua and I am the founder and host of a podcast called lightupwithshua. 

I am thrilled to tell you that I am enjoying every bit of it. Meeting people in person and on Skype or online interviews has been resulting in amazing informative discussions and education for me. I have at the time of this writing published 33 episodes, 6 TV episodes and 4 episodes in Urdu. 

I have been actively involved in learning, teaching, and educating in intercultural and interfaith relations, diversity and social justice, pluralism and more since about 15 years. 

I received my degrees from Rutgers State University for a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Studies and did my M.A. from Lesley University in Intercultural Relations, Cambridge, MA.

Conscious living is an important skill that we all assume is an innate one but requires a lot of deliberate thought and action. 

Therefore, I decided to interview people from all walks of life with diverse multicultural backgrounds to share their insights on the multiple and timely topics. 

Most importantly, with every episode I aim to give a message of hope, a thought to ponder, and allow ourselves an opportunity to grow and evolve!  


In 25 minutes of free Webinar, you will learn and your questions will be addressed on:

1. Who are the Muslims?

2. What is Islam?

3. What are the Five Pillars of islam?

4. What is the Quran?

5. How is the Quran preserved in its original form since 1400 . years and more.

6. And more such topics of your interest.

Join me for this fascinating free webinar on Muslims and Islam. And why it is so important to learn and know about them.